About and contact

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PythonDeploy is being developed in πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ Sweden, lead by Federico Jaramillo-Martinez. You can say Hi to him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Feedback, contact and suport

Contact and support is provided via e-mail:

Your feedback is appreciated and will be used to improve our services. Please feel free to send any questions, suggestions, requests or complaints.

Why Python Deploy

It was borne out of the need to make quick and stable deployments to AWS for Python web applications, Python Deploy is the solution to that.

It is being actively used to make deployments and in fact Python Deploy is managed through Python Deploy itself.

What does BETA mean for Python Deploy

Python Deploy is stable for production use, but its documentation and features are still not complete. You can use it for production environments and feel confident that your deployments are stable, and your data secure.

We will notify you at least 1 month in advance before we move out of Beta with further instructions on how to upgrade your account.